Who are we ?


For 15 years we have been creating knitwear with the most noble materials and we seek to make you take unexplored paths of softness. 

Created with passion, our collections redefine season after season timeless designs that combine style and comfort for any occasion.

Made with softness, our products, using natural fibres, are designed to last and offer you the very best of cashmere at incredibly soft prices.

 In our large collection of 140 knitted pieces, you will discover our creations in 100% 2-thread cashmere, but also pieces in 100% 4 to 24-thread cashmere, our "cloud" range, an exclusive cashmere worked differently, at the same time thick, soft and extremely light. But also our range in yak, this large and strong animal with a fine and soft undercoat that produces this hypo-allergenic, soft and warm fibre for which the craze is growing.


Why should we call ourselves A. POIL, if not because animal hair is the heart of our craftmanship?

We are uncompromising on the quality of the material we knit, a cashmere called Royal Cashmere. Of all cashmeres, it is the whitest - for brighter colors - the longest, 34 to 36 mm - for less pilling - and one of the finest, 15.5 µ - for more softness.


A.POIL is part of a more artisanal than industrial approach.

All our collections are handmade by specialists in knitwear and cashmere. A handmade sweater has improved finishings that are more aesthetic and resistant, which is often impossible to obtain by a knitting machine.


It is in Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal that goats produce their most beautiful cashmere: in spring, we harvest their undercoat which has become superfluous, which once washed and sorted will become the magical cashmere. A soft and warm material, that takes color remarkably well. A.POIL only uses Royal Cashmere, which meets the highest quality standards.


The yak is this imposing and placid bovine that can exceed 500 kg and live at an altitude of more than 5000 m on the Himalayan range, in Tibet and Nepal. In summer, it gets rid of his undercoat, a real down, which once knitted will turn into amazingly soft and comfortable pullovers.

A rare and increasingly in demand material that, like cashmere, has become a synonym of luxury.

Une matière rare, de plus en plus demandée, qui à l’instar du cachemire, est devenue synonyme de luxe.

For 6 years we have been specialists in this field and today A.POIL is one of the largest Yak collections on the market.


Cashmere is a natural material.

We have decided to treat it with ethics and respect:

- No silicone softener that leaves your fingers slippery

- No artificial and chemical bleaching of grey hairs to make them white. Our cashmere is naturally white, and thus respected will have a much greater longevity. 

- No coloring based on azo derivatives.


We imagine and design our pullovers in France and have them manufactured in Nepal, the first country to have historically developed cashmere from the hair of Himalayan goats a few centuries ago.

Today, luxury brands make no mistake about it and have their collections manufactured in

this country of huge craftsmanship.

For 15 years, we have trusted the same family to manufacture our collections.

From Buddhist philosophy, the family treats their team with humanity and serenity, and participates actively

in the increase of the level of education, a real scourge in this country, by financing daycare and studies for the children of their employees. Mutual respect and solidarity are lived on a daily basis,

as in 2015’s big earthquake, the company had released a large emergency fund

on its own finances, for its most affected employees, while the production tools

had been heavily affected themselves.

It is also for these values, which we share, that we are unfailingly loyal to this country and this family.

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Our cashmere meets the highest standards of quality and softness.

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Our creations are handmade in our workshop in Nepal.

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