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All our collection is made in Nepal from 100% natural materials, combining quality, artisan know-how and respect for the environment.



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Cotton & Cachemire Collection

The softness of cashmere, the freshness of cotton

Cashmere isn’t just a winter product.
Combined with cotton, we obtain a light, soft knit that can be worn all year round.
For the summer collection, we use this material mainly in 2ply count, but also in 4ply count for a polo effect.

As a knitwear specialist, all our pieces are knitted and finished by hand.
For summer, discover our flashy prints, our knit sets and different knitting stitches.

The cotton & cashmere collection is available in 26 colors.

100 % LINEN Collection

Summer elegance

Discover our collection of summer sweaters, knitted in 100% linen, an ode to lightness, comfort and elegance.

Linen, a natural, breathable fabric, takes pride of place in our Spring-Summer 2024 collection.
This lightweight fabric offers an incomparable feeling of freshness on hot, sunny summer days.

The quality of the linen used in our sweaters guarantees exceptional durability while remaining soft to the touch.

The 100% linen collection is available in 15 colors.

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High quality

Our cashmere meets the highest standards of quality and softness.

Handmade in Nepal

Our creations are handmade in our workshop in Nepal.

200 Shops

Discover our collections in one of our 200 stores in the world.

Customer service

For any questions, contact our team by email or phone.

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